Nurse-to-nurse bullying is a problem. It’s pervasive, destructive and doesn’t belong in a profession that is supposed to be caring and compassionate. The good news is that not all nurses become victims of bullying. The bad news is most nurses have at least witnessed their co-workers subjected to bullying acts. Why bad? Recent studies show that witnessing bullying at work leads to greater use of psychotropic medications – primarily anti-depressants.

This means that if you witness repeated acts of bullying by your co-workers TO your co-workers, you are more likely to require an anti-depressant than the victim! Wow.

What can you do to protect your own mental health?
One of the most powerful solutions to ending bullying is for the WITNESS to speak up on behalf of the victim. Really. When a witness speaks up when he/she sees or hears bullying behavior, over time, the bullying stops.
Why does this help the witness?
Speaking up provides the witness with a sense of control over the situation. This sense of control negates feelings of depression and helplessness – common feelings identified with depression. 

Speaking up is win-win…a win for the victim and a win for the witness. Protect your own mental health by speaking up when you witness bad behavior at work.
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