Guest blog by Laura Crooks, RN
I recently saw Cirque du Soleil and loved the stunning entertainment of it; then I realized there were so many life lessons within the show. Here are some of the lessons I spotted:

Be colorful – They wore such bright, almost outlandishly colorful costumes and that added to the fun and fantasy of it all.

Dress the part – The colors of their costumes went perfectly with the style of their message.
Be outrageously dramatic – What they did was so beyond the norm it is hard to compare them to anything. They set the bar. Their physical agility, their colorful costumes and their daredevil stunts were all outrageously dramatic.
Find your rhythm – Many of their jumps were made after swinging to gain momentum. Everyone involved got into the rhythm.
Practice – These people obviously put hours and hours of practice into their performance. They take what they do seriously and can do even more dangerous stunts because they do practice.

Be courageous – I would be too fearful to even try many of their stunts.  At some point in their learning and practice it has to be scary for them as well…but they somehow appear to overcome their fear.
Do it anyway – There was one time I know someone missed the jump/flip landing on the first attempt but they simply tried it again. The audience wanted them to succeed and we were cheering for them. They possibly got more applause succeeding after the miss than if they had succeeded on the first try. They could have “missed” other stunts and I never noticed. What they were doing was pretty phenomenal and I don’t care that they could have done it even a bit better.
Approach with confidence – They approached the whole event with confidence; they came onto the stage assured that we would enjoy it, knowledgeable that they could pull it off.
Think how awesome you could be if you practiced these guidelines.

Laura Crooks is an RN, speaker, and certified wellness coach living in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and children (plus the bunnies and leopard gecko). Laura helps experienced dieters keep the weight off permanently – from the inside out.  Your stress, sleep, moods, weight, values, appetite, exercise, and happiness are interrelated and making a change in one area positively impacts other areas as well. Permanent weight loss starts in your mind, not in your mouth!

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