Chances are you’ve spent the last 2-4 years pounding the books, sacrificing sleep and isolating your family and friends while in nursing school. And now you’ve graduated. Yay!! However, you want all of your hard work to pay off – you want a JOB!

Many new nursing graduates are struggling right now to get their first job because the job market isn’t as wide open as it used to be. To help, many schools of nursing include workshops on resume writing and interviewing techniques in their curriculum. However, there are a few hidden “must dos” that you might not have learned that could make the difference between getting a job or not.

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The 3 hidden “must dos”
1.    Clean it up
Do you have a Facebook page or other social media site? If so, you need to “clean it up”. Delete any picture of you drinking alcohol, dancing provocatively, or engaging in any risky behavior. Remove any posts that refer to your “special” body parts, include curse words or can be seen as negative. Remember, if an organization really wants to see what you’ve posted on a social media site, there is a chance they can even if your privacy settings are set.

2.    Follow-up beyond the “thank you”
Once you have the interview, it is crucial to follow-up with every person you met. Not only do you need to send a thank you card (can be email at first) to each person you interviewed with but you need to have ongoing communication with the hiring manager. How? During your interview, ask what is the best way to communicate with him/her and then contact him/her every 2 weeks to inquire about the position. Oh, make sure you ask for his/her business card during each interview.

3.    Ask for the job
Recruiters sometime assume that some nurses job shop; that they go from interview to interview “shopping” for the best perks (salary, benefits, schedule, etc). When a candidate actually states his/her intent, “I really want this job and here’s why…” the recruiter or hiring manager takes you seriously. Ask for what you want – You want the job! Your resume might rise to the top of the pile versus someone who never says, “I really want this (particular) job.”
Getting your first job takes strategy, persistence and patience. You WILL get a job!  Don’t give up!
Thank you for choosing to become a nurse. I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about transitioning into professional practice. I am cheering for your success!!
Thanks for reading. Take care and stay connected.
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