I can remember as a new nurse working with experienced nurses that complained all the time about – EVERYTHING! They didn’t like their schedule, co-workers, patients, unit, doctors, administration – on and on at nauseam. At first, I believed them and really thought everything must be terrible. But then I quickly realized that when the situation changed (good patients, good co-workers, etc) they were still unhappy and still complained. After a while, I came to understand that they were really good nurses but were stuck and didn’t know how to get unstuck. After 5 years, I left that environment for a better position in a different organization.  Interestingly, several jobs later I found myself back at that same hospital to do case management and guess what? Many of the same nurses were there complaining about the same things.

Why were they still there if they were so unhappy with their job? What I came to realize over the years is that staying where you are, in the very same place and position, even if it’s not something you want to do is sometimes easier than trying something new. The fear of the unknown is sometimes way scarier than the discomfort of the known.
Why do some nurses face their fears and move on while others stay stuck? The common ingredient with successful nurses is gumption. What is gumption? Gumption means having initiative, spunk, courage, and my personal favorite – moxie! It’s what steps in whenever we get nervous or get that uncomfortable feeling when trying something new. Gumption is the opposite of passivity. It’s about taking action and not waiting for Prince Charming or your Fairy Godmother to make it all better. Applying for a new position, leaving an organization, going back to school and even standing up to the bully all require gumption.
With a little gumption, all things are possible.
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