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Disruptive behavior in healthcare is pervasive, destructive and doesn’t belong in an industry dedicated to caring and compassion. Bad behavior undermines a culture of safety, of respect, and negatively impacts patient outcomes.
We all know this – everybody knows this yet, bad behavior continues.

Bullying/bad behavior continues for 3 reasons:
1.   Because we accept the behavior as the norm. We say things like, “That’s just the way she is. Just ignore her.”
2.   Because we fear retaliation if we speak up. This is a valid concern!
3.   Because managers use silence as a strategy. They don’t know how to address bad behavior either.
Almost every day, a nurse reaches out to me asking for help to deal with a bullying situation at work. It’s so sad.
In most cases, I find that there are things the victim can do to address and stop the bullying. When I make suggestions (such as documenting objective information over a period of time), I can sense their sigh of relief that they don’t have to be a passive victim. That there is something they can do about it.
What are the collective WE doing about it?
Not nearly as much as we could.
Because I’m super aware of this problem and considered a leading authority on the topic of disruptive behavior in healthcare, I’m doing my best to help!
My goal is to teach as many nurses as possible how to successfully squash bullying and disruptive behavior in the workplace. So, I’d like to invite you to my next 2 day seminar the teaches individuals and nurse leaders how to address and eliminate bad behavior.
In this 2-day seminar, you will discover:
·      How to recognize the difference between a bully and someone who’s just having a bad day
·      What to say to a bully (nurse or physician) that will stop their bad behavior
·      How to harness the power of assertive communication skills
·      How to use the “power” postures and non-verbals to assert yourself with confidence (this is a lot of fun!!)
·      The key ingredients for creating a positive, supportive and nurturing work culture
Imagine a world where bad behavior didn’t exist. Where nurses and physicians went out of their way to support each other. Where everyone worked together as a team. Ahhhh.
Seminar Details: 

Dates:April 23rd and 24th
Location:Atlantic City, New Jersey – Golden Nugget Casino and Resort
Cost:Early bird rates for both days $260 until March 14th.
For more details and to register, click here!
We don’t have to be passive victims of bad behavior. We can take action to eliminate bullying and destructive conflict and get back to the real work of being a nurse – caring for patients and caring for each other.
Hope to see you there!
Thanks so much for reading. Take care and stay connected.