When I started RTConnections 2½ years ago, I was told by the nurse entrepreneur spirits that I needed to blog. Why? So I could establish a presence within the social media world. My first thought was, what the heck was I going to blog about? I had a gazillion things I wanted to say but didn’t quite know where to begin. My second thought was, would anyone pay attention to what I had to say? Although a bit awkward at first, I finally got the hang of blogging, found my “voice”, and have even received kudos from nurses and national nursing organizations about the value my blog provides nurse readers.

Through blogging, I’ve met the most incredible nurses who are out there in the muck of life trying to make a difference – just like me. Big air hug to you!!
Although I usually don’t toot my own horn, I thought my readers would like to know that my blog was recently identified as a top blog on the Nursing License Map website. Nursing License Map provides their readers with a state-by-state guide to nursing licensure. I’ve had many interactions with the nurses behind the scenes at NLM – they represent the good stuff in nursing. Check them out!

Thanks to my readers for following, reading and sharing my blogs. Hugs and kisses to you.
Thanks to the amazing nurses at Nursing License Map for recognizing the value I bring to other nurses. Keep up with the great work!
Thanks for reading, take care and stay connected!
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