5 Villain Proofing Tips for Nurses

Nurses are the most compassionate people in the world. In fact, most nurses enter the profession because they want to make a difference in the lives of other people.  Patients around the globe often refer to nurses as angels or heroes yet nurses do not always see themselves that way. They downplay such compliments by saying, “I’m just doing my job.” Or worse, “I’m just a nurse.” However, as with all heroes, villains try taking away a hero’s power.  Lex Luther was always trying to expose Superman to Kryptonite and poor Perseus had to fight Medusa! Nurses have their...

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The Truth About Burnout: It’s Not Just an Individual Problem

It breaks my heart when I hear that nurses are so incredibly stressed out that they leave the profession. We can’t afford to lose great people through burnout. Clearly, burnout comes at a heavy price…for individuals AND systems, alike.  Three out of four nurses cited the effects of stress and overwork as a top health concern in a 2011 survey by the American Nurses Association. Burnout: Advice for Individuals First and foremost, nurses have to take care of themselves. We have to make sure that we eat right, that we exercise and take care of our bodies and our...

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Renee’s Top Blog Reviews From 2016

It’s always fun to do a “year in review” at this time of year. I look at all of my social stats: number of new subscribers, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and YouTube subscribers. I also look at how many speaking engagements I had, courses I’ve taught, and of course, income I acquired. In addition to social proof and business data, I’m always curious to learn what blog articles I wrote that attracted the most attention. Knowing this helps me to plan similar articles in the new year! Every year I share my top blog articles that were...

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Enjoy Your Healthcare Family over the Holidays!

  Most nurses enter the profession knowing that you have to work the holidays. Working the holidays can be annoying, and everyone knows that coworker who truly HATES working the holiday. With the right attitude, working the holidays can be a real blessing.   How can you make the best of the holidays on your unit? First, be grateful. You get to go home. Sure, working the holidays and missing your family really does stink, but at least you get to go home. Think of all your patients who do not get to go home. Projecting a positive attitude can...

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Workplace Incivility: The Slow Death of the Nursing Profession

Workplace Incivility is a big problem everywhere, not just in the nursing profession! Incivility is defined as rude or unsociable speech or behavior. Someone cuts in front of you while you’ve been waiting in line forever, a cashier who ignores you when you say hello, or perhaps the coworker who uses the last piece of paper in the printer but doesn’t fill the tray – incivility is rampant in the world. I hear people complaining a lot about the rude and miserable humans out there who seem to have no consideration for others. Uncivil behavior and rudeness can’t just...

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5 Ways to Become a Research Literate Nurse

I have to admit. As a new nurse, I never really liked research or had any aspirations of conducting my own. When required to read research articles, my eyesight would get blurry as I read the methods section and I would catch myself mentally writing my grocery shopping list instead of reading! But then I went to graduate school and my understanding of nursing research changed. I realized that as a professional nurse, I had an ethical responsibility to my patients to become RESEARCH LITERATE. Evidence-based research is the foundation of many procedures performed in nursing. Hospital and department...

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One of the most common complaints I hear from nurses is that the atmosphere and culture on their unit is so negative. Nobody smiles, nobody says hello, nobody says good things – everything is so negative. The boss doesn’t recognize the things we do right – he/she only reminds us of the things we do wrong. Moral is low and staff are miserable. While some people might think: “Just get over it.” or “Do your job and stop whining.” There is a problem with that mindset. A new movement called “Positive Organizational Psychology” is validating that a positive work...

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Gratitude Stops: Communities Are Asked, “What Are You Grateful For?”

  Gratitude is more than feeling thankful; it’s expressing it! Those who feel and express gratitude for what they have and the relationships they experience have proven benefits for themselves. Gratefulness should be experienced by every single person, starting in childhood. Parents know raising children in this “latest and greatest” society is not an easy task. Hofstra University did a study on the benefits of gratefulness for children. They found that children experience, “better relationships with friends and family, higher GPAs, less materialism, less envy and less depression, along with a desire to connect to their community and to want to...

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Developing Clinical & Professional Competence in the Nursing Arena

This is what I know about patients: They don’t care if you’ve been a nurse for 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, or 100. They don’t care if you have a diploma, an associate’s degree, a bachelor, masters, or even a doctoral degree. Patients expect all of their nurses to be competent! You and I both know that you cannot maintain your competence just by graduating from nursing school or during your “Monday thru Friday” or three 12-hour shifts job. Nurses have an ethical responsibility to patients to maintain their competence independent of whether or not they get paid...

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5 Conflict Resolution Strategies for Savvy Nurse Managers

According to Forbes Magazine,  managers spend between 25 and 40 percent of their time dealing with conflict. Helping your team to resolve conflict is not as difficult as one may think. Effective conflict resolution has been shown to relate to the safety of the patient. Therefore, not dealing with conflict in your unit may lead to unsafe patient care. 5 Styles of Conflict Resolution An appreciation of conflict resolution styles is key to understanding the communication process. While the names may differ slightly, there are five major responsive approaches to managing conflicts. There is no right or wrong conflict...

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