Developing Clinical & Professional Competence in the Nursing Arena

This is what I know about patients: They don’t care if you’ve been a nurse for 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, or 100. They don’t care if you have a diploma, an associate’s degree, a bachelor, masters, or even a doctoral degree. Patients expect all of their nurses to be competent! You and I both know that you cannot maintain your competence just by graduating from nursing school or during your “Monday thru Friday” or three 12-hour shifts job. Nurses have an ethical responsibility to patients to maintain their competence independent of whether or not they get paid...

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5 Conflict Resolution Strategies for Savvy Nurse Managers

According to Forbes Magazine,  managers spend between 25 and 40 percent of their time dealing with conflict. Helping your team to resolve conflict is not as difficult as one may think. Effective conflict resolution has been shown to relate to the safety of the patient. Therefore, not dealing with conflict in your unit may lead to unsafe patient care. 5 Styles of Conflict Resolution An appreciation of conflict resolution styles is key to understanding the communication process. While the names may differ slightly, there are five major responsive approaches to managing conflicts. There is no right or wrong conflict...

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Let’s Get Clear: What Bullying Is Not

“My manager is a bully!” Gina screamed when she exploded into the Human Resource office. “She wrote me up for calling off and I’m sick of her bullying me! YOU need to do something about her!” Is Gina’s boss a bully? Here’s the deal. Not everything is bullying. When we label EVERYTHING as bullying, we really do a disservice to true bullying. So, let’s get very clear about what bullying is and what it is NOT! BULLYING IS NOT: The manager holding staff accountable for performance, behavior, etc. Many nurses complain that their boss is bullying them because they...

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Cyber Bullying: Harassment in the Information Age

Bullying doesn’t just exist on playgrounds.  Thirty-five percent of adults in the US report being bullied at work – approximately 54 million workers.[1]  This is a scary number when you consider that cyber bullying is a relatively new phenomenon in the workplace. If you’ve ever received a hostile e-mail from someone at work or had nasty things written about you, your work or business online, you know what it’s like to be cyberbullied. A perpetrator might whip off an aggressive, threatening, demanding or humiliating e-mail to someone they supervise. #Cyberbullying is a passive form of #bullying. It’s serious, insidious...

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Forensic Notes to the Rescue: Securely Document Workplace Bullying Incidents

You love your job and the patients you help, but why do you feel anxious about going to work? As Dr. Renee Thompson points out, “Of the new nurses who quit their first job, 60% cite workplace bullying behavior as the primary reason.” Although you may have difficult and trying moments as you care for your patients throughout the day; it is your interactions with co-workers that leaves you feeling emotionally and physically drained. Most people decide to work in the healthcare industry due to a strong desire to help others. What most don’t expect is the daily bullying...

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Bully Bosses: A New Nurses’ Nightmare

Having a Bullying Boss Can Be a Nightmare for ANYONE! Last week, you saw it’s National Bullying Prevention Month. With that in mind, I want to focus on something I hear about all the time from new nurses. It’s a type of bullying that’s treated as a rite of passage. Something you just have to deal with as a novice nurse. Something most new nurses have to deal with. But there’s nothing normal about it, and it’s certainly not a type of bullying that most novice nurses experience. So what is it? It’s bullying by your boss. Now some...

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National Bullying Prevention Month: The End of Bullying Begins with Me!

Join me in Celebrating  a Decade of Partnership Against Bullying! National Bullying Prevention Month is a nationwide campaign founded in 2006 by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. This initiative used to be just the 1st week in October but due to an increase in prevalence, has expanded to include the entire month. Over the past 10 years, this campaign grew from a small week-long event to a worldwide effort with multiple activities throughout October. National Bullying Prevention Month constitutes a national effort to unite communities together to educate, raise awareness, and join forces to prevent and address bullying. Bullying:  It doesn’t always...

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I frequently get asked by organizations to help them eliminate workplace bullying. The conversations we have are always about BULLYING – the physicians bullying the nurses, the nurses bullying each other and the support staff, etc. And then I go in, “pull back the covers and lift up the gown” to find out if there is really a bullying problem. The Difference Between Bullying and Incivility. Here is what I find: SOME bullying – not a ton, but an awful lot of incivility. Even though I’ve written about this, talked about this, and created a few videos about, I’m...

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L.E.A.D. a Difficult Patient Towards Respect

We know that nurses experience bad behaviors from co-workers. But what do we do when the insults, unreasonable demands and bad behaviors come from patients? Patient and visitor bullying and violence is on the rise!! However, with the emphasis on improving patient satisfaction scores, dealing with difficult patients can be even more challenging BUT not impossible. How to L.E.A.D. a Difficult Patient Towards Respect The next time you care for a difficult patient, follow this simple acronym to LEAD your patient toward respectful behavior. L: LISTEN As nurses, we see the horrific myriad of ways pain and fear can...

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This post may contain affiliate links. Adult coloring has exploded in the marketplace. You can’t walk into a store without seeing displays of intricate coloring books and markers promising to reduce your stress and increase your creativity. I can remember when my daughters were little, getting out the box of coloring book and buckets of crayons were one of my favorite activities with them. There just something soothing and rewarding about seeing a black and white image come to life in color. There were times when I realized that my kids left the table and were engaged in the...

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