4 Truths About Nurse Heroes

When the public refers to nurses as heroes, many of us don’t believe them. Heroes, after all, are those who are saving lives, who are running INTO a burning building while other people are running OUT.  Heroes fight wars and keep us safe on the streets. Though these qualities are heroic, so is nursing. Nurses can handle so many things that other people cannot (body fluids, devastating injuries, end of life, etc).  Nurses have qualities that make us more than just “book smart,” as we equally demonstrate our compassion and caring. Nurses have been known as the most trusted...

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Want To Prevent A Bullying Culture? Connect First, Then Lead

I’m considered a healthcare workplace-bullying expert and over the years, I’ve learned an important aspect of bullying. If an organization has a bullying problem – they have a leadership problem. Sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. With skilled leaders who know how to set behavioral expectations, hold their people accountable,  model professional behavior, and engage, recognize, and influence staff, the result is a culture that rejects bullying and incivility and promotes professionalism. Once I recognized this, I began to spend time developing leaders. It’s funny because there were times while working with an organization to eliminate workplace bullying and...

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Start A Kindness Revolution

The week of Valentine’s Day can be more than writing love notes to your significant other, going on a special date, or baking heart-shaped cookies for your child’s classroom. It’s a perfect reminder to add kindness & compassion to each day. Why not make time to do something special to show kindness to yourself, your coworkers, and your patients?! Shower Yourself With Love! Valentine’s Day should not be only about those who have a significant other. Whether you do or not, if you do not take care of yourself in a loving way, you will not be the best...

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Stop Workplace Bullying: Make Policy Your Friend

I wake up every morning and typically find at least one message about workplace bullying in my email, Facebook messenger, or website contact form that is very similar to this one (note: some details were changed to protect the individual): “I am a student nurse but have now withdrawn from the clinical portion of the program after meeting with my instructor and hearing negative feedback such as, “Do you think being a nurse is a good choice for you?” and “I have the power to tell the committee that decides whether or not you graduate.” I realized that I...

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I met Darling at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (NCH) where she (Northwestern Mutual) sponsored an event for nurses, which enabled them to bring me in to speak. Darling is NOT a nurse but is one of our biggest fans! Every year she advocates bringing educational programming to the nurses at NCH. I hope you enjoy her story as much as I have. Darling lives in Coconut Grove Florida with her husband and 3 children. Darling protects families for a living using Asset Protection, Insurance and Wealth Accumulation vehicles as a Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual. Tell us about your family....

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6 Things Savvy Nurse Leaders Do Differently

Becoming an effective leader is a goal that many people strive for. An effective leader helps their organization become more successful because of their effective leadership skills. Take a look at some of the most successful nurse leaders you can think of. What do you notice about their unique leadership qualities? Read the following tips below to learn the six things that savvy nurse leaders do differently and understand how you can incorporate them into your professional career. 1. They are great role models. An effective leader who is a great role model will have a good following. Their...

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Coffee & Conversations About Nurse Bullying

Nurse-to-nurse bullying is a huge problem. Almost every day of my life a nurse reaches out to me asking for help. I receive messages on Facebook, via LinkedIn, through email, text, and phone messages. These nurses are suffering at the hands of the people who are supposed to support them. It breaks my heart to read and hear their stories of how cruel some nurses can be. When I started my company, RTConnections, I wasn’t exactly the expert on nurse bullying that I am now. However, I did create a YouTube Channel and posted a few videos about how to...

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5 Steps To Stop Networking & Start Connecting

It’s common knowledge that networking is key to career success, but if you’ve never done it before, it can be intimidating. Rather than bringing up visions of business cards being pitched about, consider this….Networking is all about building relationships. It’s about a back and forth, constant communication with a person with whom you have a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s something you can weave seamlessly into your day, without having to attend a single ‘event’. Nurses are natural connectors.  We thrive on human interaction and relationships. So instead of ‘networking’…think ‘building relationships’ and soon you may find yourself making quality...

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5 Villain Proofing Tips for Nurses

Nurses are the most compassionate people in the world. In fact, most nurses enter the profession because they want to make a difference in the lives of other people.  Patients around the globe often refer to nurses as angels or heroes yet nurses do not always see themselves that way. They downplay such compliments by saying, “I’m just doing my job.” Or worse, “I’m just a nurse.” However, as with all heroes, villains try taking away a hero’s power.  Lex Luther was always trying to expose Superman to Kryptonite and poor Perseus had to fight Medusa! Nurses have their...

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The Truth About Burnout: It’s Not Just an Individual Problem

It breaks my heart when I hear that nurses are so incredibly stressed out that they leave the profession. We can’t afford to lose great people through burnout. Clearly, burnout comes at a heavy price…for individuals AND systems, alike.  Three out of four nurses cited the effects of stress and overwork as a top health concern in a 2011 survey by the American Nurses Association. Burnout: Advice for Individuals First and foremost, nurses have to take care of themselves. We have to make sure that we eat right, that we exercise and take care of our bodies and our...

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