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If you haven’t noticed yet, we are no longer in the industrial age! No more factory work, only 9-5 hours with designated lunch breaks and you only do what you are told. 
We are now in the information age. And although this is great (dislike “factory” mentality”), all of this information can be overwhelming! There’s just no possible way to keep up. However, we know that the #1 most important key characteristic of successful people is this: People who are successful commit to consistent personal development. 
But how do they keep up? 

By finding ways to continuously incorporate learning into their day even  while they are doing other things.
For example: When you drive your car, what do you listen to? Are you listening to the news and music on the radio? I bet you are.
Instead, I want you to turn your car into a traveling classroom. Rent or buy audio books on topics that you believe are important to your success. There are a ton of audio programs on leadership, communication skills, caring for patients with diabetes or sepsis, career development, how to improve your writing or speaking skills…on and on. You only have to look and you will find a plethora of audios available – many of them for free!
I’ve been listening to the CDs that come with every publication of Success Magazine. Each month I get over an hour of rich content on a variety of topics. Seriously, listening to these CDs every time I’m in the car has transformed me personally and professionally.
I don’t have a lot of extra time and I know you don’t either. But we both want to be successful. Why not take my advice – turn off the news – turn off the music and turn on your traveling classroom!
Thanks so much for reading. Would love to find out other ways that you keep up with the information overload!
Cheers to your success!
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