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People shake hands when they meet each other, when they’re sealing a deal, or for customary greetings. However, the way you shake can send a powerful message whether you realize it or not.
Successful people understand these subtle differences and the hidden messages behind the most common shakes. AND they deliberately master the most effective, powerful handshake. 

Do you recognize these handshakers?

Fingers shaker – also known as the “fish” handshake. This person only makes contact with their fingers and avoids palm contact.
Hidden message – “You’re not worthy of my entire hand.” Or, “I’m not worthy of your entire hand.” AVOID THIS HANDSHAKE AT ALL COSTS!!!!!
Double-handed shaker – also known as the politician handshake. This is when someone shakes your hand and then places his other hand over yours – sandwiching your hand between his.
Hidden message – You shouldn’t trust this person. Or, this person is trying too much.
Web shaker– also known as the power handshake. This is when the web of your hand connects with the web of the other person. When you add a smile and look at the person in the eye, this handshake locks your limbic systems together. How cool is that!!!
Hidden message – I am confident. I am interested in you. I value you.  The web shake also starts building a relationship with that person. SHAKE HANDS LIKE THIS EVERY TIME!!
Action:Practicing using the web shake, as this is the only handshake you should use. Remember, web-to-web, nice and firm but not too firm, look the person in the eye and smile.
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