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I was on a flight from Washington DC to San Diego. The pilot not only introduced himself but actually walked down the isles shaking people’s hand – thanking us for flying with him and his crew.
During his intro, he said, “…and you have the privilege of flying with our award winning crew – Donna, James, Cindy and Sarah. They will take good care of you. And did I tell you that they were awarding winning for great service? Yep. Today is your lucky day.”
The pilot periodically spoke via the intercom to share a few stories and identify interesting sites 35,000 feet below. Each time he ended by saying something positive about his award winning crew.
I counted. He complimented them 8 times.
And guess what? They were remarkable. The interesting thing is that they were remarkable BEFORE they even asked me what I wanted to drink. Why? Because I was expecting them to be remarkable. The pilot convinced me.
We call this “managing up.”
When you “manage up” your co-workers to your customers, they expect good things to happen.
How does this translate to nursing?
Nurses have opportunities every day to manage up their co-workers. Not just other nurses but physicians, nursing assistants, ancillary and even administration.
Opportunities to manage up:
·      During bedside report
Most of us are giving report at the bedside. What a wonderful opportunity to say…”Mrs. Rossi. This is Tina. She’ll be taking over for me. Tina is one of the best nurses on this unit so I KNOW you will be in good hands.”
Helps with the separation anxiety patients sometimes get
·      While caring for your patients
Sometimes when I’m in my patient’s room, I’ll say things like, “I’m so glad Amy is your nursing assistant today. I love working with her.” Let’s say your patient needs physical therapy. You could say, “Melissa will be coming in this afternoon to work with you. She is an amazing physical therapist. Did you know she’s been doing this for more than 20 years?”
Anytime you can reinforce that someone’s been in their role for a long time, you increase their credibility
·      In front of others
One of the best ways to manage up your team is to say good things about them in front of non-team members. During a committee meeting, you could talk about your team members and how they are committed to improving quality. “Our nurses and assistants are really doing a great job checking for pressure ulcers and turning patients. They are so committed to protecting our patients!”
Saying good things about your team influences others to do the same about theirs.
Managing up feels good – to patients, to co-workers and to you. When you do, everyone enjoys a better ride.
What are some ways YOU manage up your team?
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