One of my favorite quotes by the great MLK is this: 

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”~ Martin Luther King Jr.

On this day, Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I am reminded of the importance of speaking up with we witness bad behavior – not accepting, “nurses eating their young” as normal – and doing our part to eliminate bad behavior in the work environment.

I’m on a mission to put a stop to nurse bullying. Bullying – treating other poorly goes against every single cell, nucleus, mitochondrion, etc. in my body. After all, nurses are supposed to be dedicated to caring and compassion. Although kind to patients, some nurses can be horrific to each other!

What can you do to stop being silent about things that matter?

1. Speak up when you witness someone treating another human with disrespect. It doesn’t matter if the behavior is aimed at you, your friend or a stranger.

2. Support others who have been victimized or treated poorly by others. Let that person know you care.

3. Be kind to EVERYONE. Your neighbors, co-workers, cashiers, housekeepers, police officers – EVERYONE.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to read your comments about nurse bullying. What can I do to help you? My mitochondrions are waiting and wanting to help!

Thanks. Take care and stay connected.


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