Every year nurses are recognized during the week of Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 6th through May 12th.  Nurses are honored by their organizations and by the public for our compassion, dedication to the sick, and for the sacrifices we make every day for others.

I’m always curious to learn how nurses from different organizations plan to celebrate.

Typically I find the following ways nurses are recognized by their organization:

·      Free lunch/dinner
·      Small gift for each nurse (option for nurses week gifts by Halo)
·      Celebration event with awards and recognitions
But I wonder, if you really asked nurses how THEY wanted to be recognized during nurses week, what would they say?

So I’m asking you. What “gift” would make nurses week most meaningful to you?
Even if your organization doesn’t do anything to recognize their nurses for the value they bring to the delivery of health care, I encourage YOU to do something for yourself, and for your fellow nurses.
As the late Mister Rogers said to me once (yes. I was fortunate enough to meet him), “Thank you for what you do.”
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