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Almost 2 years ago, I took a leap of faith and went back to the bedside. It had been 8 years since I independently cared for patients and 20 years since I had to “swipe” in and out (the last time I did we still used paper time clocks!!). I went back to the bedside for 2 reasons: 1) If I really wanted to help squash nurse bullying and create professional, supportive and nurturing environments, I needed to know what nurses were going through; and 2) I still teach clinical seminars/topics and my stories were getting old. It didn’t feel right talking about diabetes and care of the COPD patient when I hadn’t touched a patient in years. So, back to the bedside I went.

I quickly realized that the work of today’s nurses is very different than it was 5 – 10 years ago. Almost every time I work, at least one of my patient’s is either in active alcohol withdrawal or some time of opioid withdrawal; has mental health issues; or has more chronic illnesses than any five humans should have combined!!
Yet, I started to notice that while nurses who work in specialties (oncology, critical care, pediatrics, etc) were offered a ton of continued education, I didn’t see a lot for medsurg nurses. Yet, it’s the medsurg nurses who are dealing with some of the most complex patient populations!!!
Seriously, if you Google (or Yahoo…my brother works for Yahoo), medsurg seminars, conferences, or education, you may get 2 – 3 hits; but if you do the same for the other specialties, you get pages and pages of opportunities! Not fair and not smart. After all, medsurg nurses are the bedrock – the foundation of all nursing practice!
With the help of some really amazing nurses, I’ve developed a 2-day symposium just for medsurg nurses where we discuss the hottest issues facing today’s medsurg nurses.
·      How to deal with the drug-addicted patient
·      Neuro for the non-neuro nurse (everyone has a brain)
·      The latest and greatest cardiac updates
·      Pain and symptom management at the end of life
·      How to deal with your bullying co-worker
And more!
My 2-day symposium is offered in the following 3 locations (click each for details):
If you’re a medsurg nurse, you are going to LOVE this symposium!! 


Learning should be FUN!

·      Because you will get your continuing education credits by engaging and entertaining speakers;
·      Acquire the success skills required for today’s medsurg nurse;
·      Receive on-the-spot resume reviews;
·      And the opportunity to stimulate your brain and nourish your heart!
Well, it’s time for me to get ready to take care of patients!! I hope to see you at one of my symposiums. You deserve all good things!
Take care and stay connected!


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