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My favorite emails to receive are from nurses who take the time to tell me that something I wrote or something I said was meaningful to them in some way. Seriously, it brings me great joy knowing that I am making a difference. And, as a human, it’s nice to receive compliments from my peers.
Every now and then a nurse shares an action she took based on my work. I typically don’t tell anyone other than my hubby but realized that sometimes I NEED to share the wonderful work you’re all doing out there – the ways you are learning, taking action on what you learned and making a difference.
The following email is an excerpt from Debbye, a nurse who works as an Emergency Room Nursing Night Supervisor.
Debbye wrote:
“My Nursing Director introduced our leadership group to your posts by forwarding the one’s that caught his attention.  I enjoyed them so I subscribed, that way I could see them all.  We work in a busy (understated) ER and with the uncertain time of the new “health care” we have joined the ranks of under staffed, over worked and overwhelmed.  So much so that sometime the staff forget about the patient as they are just trying to “keep the flow going.”  As one of the oldest nurses on the unit, I find that part of my job is to steer the younger nurses back to the patient.  It takes little to no time to take in that warm blanket to the 90 year old without being asked.
One of my projects is our ER TV.  We have a flat screen in the break room that runs a continuous loop of information both professional and personal.  Everyone loves to see the pictures of co-workers newborn babies.  If we are having problems with a particular practice like Blood Culture contamination I post reminders and we track Door to “whatever” time for STEMI’s, Sepsis and Stroke.
As I was reading your post about the 5 things we should know about patients, a power point came to mind.  I would like to put it on our ER TV but the words are yours so I wanted to ask if you would mind.”
What is remarkable about what Debbye did?
1.   She actually read something that was recommended to her – it wasn’t mandatory.
Debbye read it anyway.
2.   Not only did she read it, but she found the information valuable and subscribed.
Debbye wanted more.
3.   She didn’t just read it and say, “Good information.” But she took action on it. She put forth the effort to create a simple power point presentation that would play over and over again for nurses.
Debbye took action!
4.   She believed her colleagues would be inspired too and made sure she found a way for them to get the information.
Debbye inspired others.
I challenge all of you to take action and share your knowledge with others. Be curious and seek more; and inspire others to do the same.
“If you have knowledge, let others light a candle in it.” ~Margaret Fuller
Go Debbye Go!!!
Thanks so much for reading, take care and stay connected!
Oh…and keep sending me those emails…they make my day!!

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