Three years ago I took a leap of faith and quit a really good job to start my own business, RTConnections. The response from my peers was interesting – half cheered me on like a cheerleader at the championship football game while the other half thought I totally lost my marbles and suggested a psych consult! Well, I’m happy to say that although scary, it was the best decision I ever made! Having my own business has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most incredible nurses from all over the world who are out there in the muck of life trying to make a difference with the limited resources available to them.

When I started, nobody knew who I was beyond the western Pennsylvania area. I got this piece of advice from other nurse entrepreneurs: Establish a social media presence. Ugh. Really? My only experience with social media was with Facebook.  While I had a Facebook account, it was really just for me to stay connected with family and friends. After many painful attempts, I gained my experience and exposure on a variety of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, FB for business, Google+, YouTube, Blogger, and…..Twitter (to access, see below).

Once I embraced the social media highway, it opened up a whole new world for me. I’ve learned, connected and been inspired by so many other nurses whom I would have never had the opportunity to connect with. My only wish is that more nurses would utilize the various social media platforms to establish a professional presence. There are over 3.1 million practicing nurses in this country yet we are often referred to as the “silent majority”.
I tweet, blog, post, share original content and content from other nurses who I believe are rockin’ it!  Every now and then my “stuff” gets recognized by other organizations that are committed to helping nurses succeed. Recently, my twitter feed @RTConnections was identified by ONLINE NURSE PRACTITIONER PROGRAM as one of the top 100 twitter feeds every nurse should know. I’m honored to share this honor with some of my new nurse BFFs…you should check them out too!

Don’t be afraid of social media…it can open a whole new world of possibilities for you! You never know who you’re going to connect with, be inspired by, learn something from or just enjoy the camaraderie of sharing a common passion for nursing.
Thanks for reading. I’d be interested in knowing what social media sites YOU use to gather nursing information.
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