by guest blogger Matt Arch
Meet Cindy, 22 years… in the hospital system.  Springtime is coming and the intern program will be in full swing.  Cindy has been a bedside nurse from the moment she passed boards.  With every year on the job, she recognizes her seniority and continued love for her line of work.  What has become a challenge in recent years is Cindy’s disconnect with interns, as well as new hires within the department, specifically the ages of 21-30. 

Meet Sabrina, <1 years experience (aka, she is just starting her clinical rounds).  She is going to graduate from nursing school in a few months, but is continuing rotations, as well as studying for her boards.  Very tech-savvy, Sabrina is often seen glued to her cell phone during breaks and at the nurse’s station during shifts.

Both Cindy and Sabrina are at opposite ends of the workplace spectrum in terms of experience.  With that said, they both bring perspectives that could help one another thrive in their careers.  Yes, Cindy could learn from Sabrina, who brings a fresh perspective to the clinical setting.  Sabrina, please take time to observe before you react.  Allow yourself to learn from those that came before you.    
To the readers –
Exercise: Please provide advice on how you believe Cindy and Sabrina can co-exist in the same working environment.  The reality that four generations are working in the same era is a hot HR topic.  Do you think Cindy and Sabrina can learn from one another? 
The following article from the African Journal of Business Management entitled “Generational diversity at the workplace: expectations and perceptions of different generations of employees” was compiled by Tay Angeline in 2011.