You just never know when paths will cross and you will meet an amazing human.  I met Judy Starr in a classroom at Waynesburg University located in Western Pennsylvania.  Judy was taking a Community Nursing course as part of her RN-BSN program.  I was her instructor.  A requirement of the course was to complete a service project in the community.  Judy and her husband decided to meet with mission leaders at a Spanish immersion school and were matched with Leonardo’s Home of Hope – an orphanage in Honduras.  They were looking for nurses and physicians to support their mission trips and as a couple, they decided to go.

They joined the trip in Aug 2008 for the medical mission purpose, and met the children of the orphanage.  Being a pediatric nurse, Judy was more interested in the children of the orphanage than anything else. Their pure joy and happiness to meet new people came through their smiles. 
Although she had met the requirement of the course, Judy and her husband continued their support of the orphanage.  The trips reinforced her desire to stay a ‘hands on’ nurse. She enjoys the interaction with patients and families (albeit not always pleasant) but part of bedside nursing. Judy’s mission experience has prompted her to pursue travel nursing as another way to spread her competence, care and compassion.
The connection with the children started with that first trip and although her and now her entire family have been involved with the medical part (CHHF) they have now expanded to creating their own non profit organization dedicated to the orphanage (LHOH).
Judy:  “I feel fortunate in my life to have a loving family and promising future. I wanted to bring some of that joy and hope to the children and let them know someone is thinking of them and their future.
Judy demonstrates the power of nursing.  Knowledge, competence, caring and compassion drive the care she provides to these children.  I met Judy as her instructor but since then she has become my teacher.  I am so proud Judy is a nurse.
Judy is on the left and is joined by her husband Scott and some of the children in the orphanage
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Leonarda’s Home of Hope
501(c) 3 originated in 2009, home base – Virginia