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What If The Bully Is You?

In all of our talks about bullying have you ever thought the bully may be you? A few years ago I was doing a workshop for nurse leaders on the topic of bullying and incivility. About halfway through, a woman in the back of the room stood up and proclaimed, “I’m the bully.” Her assistant managers, who were sitting on both sides of her, quickly jumped to her defense. “No you’re not. You’re just a bit direct.” This leader again proclaimed, “I’m telling you. I’m the bully. That’s me up there (referring to the list of bullying behaviors on...

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Why Trust Is a Must For Nurse Leaders

  Have you given much thought to the role that trust plays in nursing lately? The public has ranked registered nurses as the most trustworthy people on the planet for years now, and for good reason. We were the one holding their uncle’s hand when he found out the cancer had come back. We’re the one who stitched up their son after his fall from the legendary tree at grandma’s house. We helped their brother with his breathing treatments after the car wreck he was lucky to walk away from. We assisted in bringing their niece into the world....

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Nurse Bully Profile Series: Super Nurse

Michelle has been a nurse in the same hospital, on the same unit, for 30 years. Although the physicians love Michelle, her co-workers dread working with her. Michelle knows everything, is the best at everything, and reminds you and everyone else of this fact every day. She has a bladder made of steel, never has to take a break or go to the bathroom, and thinks you’re weak if you do. “Break? You want a break? I haven’t taken a break, eaten, or peed in 30 years! You’re all pathetic and weak!” Michelle refers to the new nurses as...

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How to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Guest post by John Pritchard   How to Keep Your Employees Motivated A good leader motivates his/her team and inspires them to work hard. An effective leader recognizes staff contributions and rewards staff accordingly; this isn’t always in the form of compensation but often with other less-tangible perks that make the individual feel validated and valued.   Some straight-to-the-point strategies to motivate your team that I use at Venture Medical include:   Money Money motivates. Incentive-based campaigns at work can be an excellent way to motivate your team and increase productivity. Monetary rewards based on reaching sales goals, recruiting...

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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award – AMAZING NURSE BLOGGERS

I offer workshops and seminars titled, “Harnessing the Power of Social Media” to teach nurses how to use social media to grow their nursing career. I constantly get asked how to use social media to grow a nursing career, what social media platform is the best for nurses (hint, hint – LinkedIn!), and whose blogs are the “must read” blogs. Over the years I have built relationships with a group of amazing nurse bloggers. Yes. Nurses who host their own blogs and write about nurse related topics. If you’ve never read a blog written by a nurse, you are...

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