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The Gifted Nurse: Optimism

We’ve reached the fourth and final part of The Gifted Nurse series and today we’re talking all about optimism! Humans are born either more positive or more negative – it’s genetic. You can be born more positive but when you enter into a negative work environment, you can easily adopt the negative attitudes and behaviors from other people because of something in our brains called mirror neurons. Basically, mirror neurons mimic what we see and hear most often. They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with: average type of house you...

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The Gifted Nurse: Compassion

Compassion in nursing is so much more than being nice to patients. Compassion is about connecting with human beings on a level deeper than just “the GI bleeder in room 14 bed 2”. When nurses extend compassion, they provide the patient a sense of security. A feeling that their condition and concerns are being heard, recognized and acted upon. Compassion fosters a strong foundation of trust and assures them that you’re both working towards the best possible outcome for them physically, emotional, mentally, and at times, spiritually. Patients expect their nurses to be competent – that we’re going to...

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The Gifted Nurse: Continuous Learning

Continuous learning creates successful people and successful people are fascinating. What makes someone who started with nothing become a world famous celebrity, activist, philanthropist, etc. while someone else born into riches becomes a drug addict, criminal, or toxic, unhappy human? Is it luck, circumstance, or something else? Many of my readers know that I got off to a rough start, not as a child but as an adult. I was raised by loving parents, grandparents, and lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins but found myself pregnant at 19, quit college where I was enrolled in a pre-med program, and...

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Surprising Insights About Gossip in the Workplace and How to Stop It

We’ve all experienced gossip in the workplace in one way or another, so what can we do to stop it? Well, more than you might think. Say you’re at a meeting, sitting in the back of the room because you got there late.  One of the other managers, Maggie, is going on and on about what everyone needs to do to improve their quality metrics. After another few minutes, the person sitting next to you says, “I’ve never understood why they gave Maggie the chair of this committee. (pause) Did you hear that she and her husband don’t even...

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How Perceived Power Can Lead to Bullying Behavior

Can perceived power lead to bullying behavior? I travel a lot on airplanes and am loyal to one particular airline carrier. I’m loyal for a few reasons: They take care of me if my flight gets delayed or cancelled (even if it means putting me on a different airline), and I get perks: I get onboard early, 3 free checked bags up to 70 lbs, AND I get upgraded to first class frequently. One day, I was sitting in first class, drinking a cup of coffee that the flight attendant so nicely offered, while the other coach passengers were...

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