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5 Ways to Create a Speak Up Culture in Healthcare

It’s important to create a “speak up” culture where staff members feel comfortable going to management when delicate problems arise. This is especially true in healthcare, where one persons decisions have the potential to affect hundreds of others. The following story is a perfect example. Danida would voluntarily offer to administer pain medication for YOUR patient because “she had the time” and wanted to help you out. She would frequently ask physicians to increase the opioid doses for patients because she claimed she was advocating for them. She even made sure she medicated patients before shift change so that...

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How to Avoid Hiring a Bully in Your Hospital

We all want to do a great job as a leader, and that means not hiring a bully. Have you ever interviewed someone whom you thought was a perfect fit for your unit? Perhaps she was a nurse who had experience, was already certified, educated, and was professionally dressed, articulate, and NICE! So of course you hired her, patted yourself on the back, and hoped that you could find 10 more just like her! Then 2 months later, she turned into the wicked witch. Now you have employees in your office, sometimes crying, because of how she treats them....

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10 Things Leaders Need to Know About Their Employees

A disconnect exists between employees and management. I see it in every organization and in every department or unit. Although some departments are more collaborative (think shared governance), others have constructed a divide so wide between employees and leaders that it makes the Grand Canyon look like a sidewalk crack (or pot hole in Pittsburgh)! Recently, I posted this question on Facebook:  What is one thing you wish nurse leaders knew about their staff? And got some really great responses. It made me think about the role of the leader and how important it is to truly see the...

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Tackling Workplace Bullying: Q&A Will Show the Way!

Over the years, I’ve been interviewed hundreds of times by numerous people who want to help their readers (mostly nurses) learn more about how to stop workplace bullying. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that addressing disruptive behavior is important to you too! With this in mind I’d like to share some of those questions (and my subsequent answers, of course) with you today.  Remember, workplace bullying happens because it can and it takes all of us to fix it. We can do so by speaking up, stepping up, and standing up for respect, kindness, and professionalism. When I...

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7 Actions to Take if You Witness Workplace Bullying

Have you ever wondered what you should do if you witness bullying? Many of us have witnessed bullying and/or incivility against others but have kept silent. Sometimes, we’re just thankful the bully’s focus is on somebody else and not us! Other times, we are caught off guard or simply don’t know what to say or do. However, by our silence, we unwittingly condone and contribute to a culture of bullying and incivility. When we're silent we condone and contribute to a culture of #bullying and #incivility. Click to Tweet Did you know… 73% of all nurses have either experienced...

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