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7 Actions to Take if You Witness Workplace Bullying

Have you ever wondered what you should do if you witness bullying? Many of us have witnessed bullying and/or incivility against others but have kept silent. Sometimes, we’re just thankful the bully’s focus is on somebody else and not us! Other times, we are caught off guard or simply don’t know what to say or do. However, by our silence, we unwittingly condone and contribute to a culture of bullying and incivility. When we're silent we condone and contribute to a culture of #bullying and #incivility. Click to Tweet Did you know… 73% of all nurses have either experienced...

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10 Books Every Nurse Leader Must Read

I have yet to encounter a respected leader who embodied all the principles of authentic leadership on their first day in a leadership role. However, there are certainly people who seem to have a knack for it while others clearly do not. What I know to be true about great leaders is that they didn’t become great overnight, but grew into great leaders over time. One way to build the essential skills that make you a great  leader is to embrace continuous learning as a habit. An easy way to do that is to read something instructional or inspirational...

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Harassment, #MeToo, and Bullying: Gaining Clarity

Have you noticed the uptick in the number of women who are coming forward with stories of sexual harassment? Hollywood actresses banded together showing their support and solidarity by dressing in black at the Golden Globes, every news channel, publication, and social media platform are writing stories about sexual harassment, and the #metoo campaign is now a worldwide phenomenon. WHAT’S HAPPENING? The #metoo campaign went viral in October 2017 to demonstrate the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace. The now recognized hashtag can be seen on practically every social media platform, on billboards and signs, and in intimate...

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How to Tell Your “Best” Nurse She is Toxic

Have you ever worked with a nurse who was so brilliant, had a remarkable mind, and knew everything there was to know about saving lives, but who was a toxic force in your department? I have too.  If I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, “She’s a great nurse, our best, but she’s not a very nice person” or “He’s our best nurse but doesn’t like people very much.” How on earth can you be a great nurse and not like people?? One nurse even described her coworker as “beastly on a good day.” The problem...

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4 Step Action Plan: How to Deal with Difficult Patients & Families

When you entered nursing school you were probably warned that you’d have a few difficult patients. Maybe you even went as far as to mentally prepare yourself for the day you’d save someone’s life and they’d scream and yell at you for something trivial. However, there is something that’s equally – if not more so – challenging than a difficult or disruptive patient. Their family members. Difficult patients are a guarantee in nursing. After all, think about when you’re sick with a cold or the flu. How pleasant are you? I’ve always said that working with the public can...

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