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15 Building Blocks for Successful Nursing Practice

I’ve never thought of myself as a coach (even though I used to offer career coaching as a service). However, when I think about it, I’ve been “coaching” for decades. And so have you. As nurses, we coach our patients to be more compliant with their treatments. As preceptors, we coach our new nurses by helping them transition into professional practice. As nurse leaders, we coach our employees by creating environments where they can excel clinically and professionally. As nurse leaders, let's coach our employees by creating environments where they can excel clinically and… Click to Tweet Nurses coach...

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Creating Sacred Spaces In Healthcare

We are hearing more and more about disruptive behaviors in healthcare and how they impact the work environment, retention, AND patients. I’ve surveyed thousands of nurses over the years about the types of disruptive behaviors they’ve either experienced or witnessed in the workplace.  These behaviors range from eye rolling to actual physical violence.  Out of all of the behaviors listed (there are 15), the third most common behavior that nurses reported was being yelled at, openly criticized, or mocked in front of others. Unfortunately, many times the “in front of others” are patients. A few examples: “No matter how...

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10 Practical Ways to Spread Positivity in the Workplace

Are you working in a negative environment and want to be the one to step up or just want to spread a little positivity but you’re not sure where to start? Let me help. A recent study found that a positive work environment is the most important factor when calculating employee satisfaction. If you’re anything like me this news didn’t surprise you at all. A positive work environment not only benefits individual employees, but the business as a whole. It’s no secret that if people are happy where they work they’re more productive and less likely to make mistakes....

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Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Your Float Nurses

Today I’d like to tell you why and how you should be rolling out the red carpet for your float nurses. Four years ago I went back to the bedside. It had been 8 years since I independently cared for patients, so I was a nervous wreck! The environment had changed so much that even though I had been a nurse for 20+ years, I was not confident in my ability to get back on the horse. My third day off of orientation (keep in mind I only worked twice a month), I noticed that my name wasn’t on...

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5 Life Lessons Every Nurse Can Learn From John Wooden

John Wooden was arguably the most successful, probably the most influential, and certainly the most studied coach in the history of US sports. His UCLA basketball teams won 11 national championships over a 13 year span. But, his influence is more than a matter of wins and losses. He spoke very little about “winning”. Winning – the final numbers of the scoreboard – was the result of a process, of doing things the right way. And it was the way he coached that made a difference and led to his phenomenal results. Winning is the result of a process,...

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