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You Fired Your Bully. Do You Tell Your Staff?

Have you ever fired a bully? Did you wonder how to tell your staff or if you even should? Let’s say you’re a manager in an ICU and just fired one of your older, experienced nurses because of continued disruptive behavior. You can almost see and feel the tension in the air among your employees.  Eyes are darting back and forth; people are whispering in the corner; and everyone stops talking as soon as you enter the nurses’ station. What do you do? Do you talk about it with your staff? Do you avoid the subject in the hope...

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10 Books Every Nurse Leader Must Read

I have yet to encounter a respected leader who embodied all the principles of authentic leadership on their first day in a leadership role. However, there are certainly people who seem to have a knack for it while others clearly do not. What I know to be true about great leaders is that they didn’t become great overnight, but grew into great leaders over time. One way to build the essential skills that make you a great  leader is to embrace continuous learning as a habit. An easy way to do that is to read something instructional or inspirational...

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How to Tell Your “Best” Nurse She is Toxic

Have you ever worked with a nurse who was so brilliant, had a remarkable mind, and knew everything there was to know about saving lives, but who was a toxic force in your department? I have too.  If I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, “She’s a great nurse, our best, but she’s not a very nice person” or “He’s our best nurse but doesn’t like people very much.” How on earth can you be a great nurse and not like people?? One nurse even described her coworker as “beastly on a good day.” The problem...

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How to Establish Peer-to-Peer Accountability

“Accountability breeds responsibility” – Stephen Covey When I was a manager, I knew it was going to be a rough day anytime I walked onto my unit and there was a line of employees by my door waiting for my arrival. Ugh. Many times, it was an employee complaining about something one of his/her co-workers did or didn’t do. Each time, I tried to take care of the problem.  I’d either talk to the other employee (and of course, found out there was another side to the story), just listen, or would rack my brain trying to figure out...

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Surprising Insights About Gossip in the Workplace and How to Stop It

We’ve all experienced gossip in the workplace in one way or another, so what can we do to stop it? Well, more than you might think. Say you’re at a meeting, sitting in the back of the room because you got there late.  One of the other managers, Maggie, is going on and on about what everyone needs to do to improve their quality metrics. After another few minutes, the person sitting next to you says, “I’ve never understood why they gave Maggie the chair of this committee. (pause) Did you hear that she and her husband don’t even...

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