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Finally! A Solution to Nurse-to-Nurse Bullying

      Ask any nurse if he or she has heard the phrase, “Nurses eat their young,” and you’ll get nods of sad recognition. Nurses choose their profession to deliver compassionate and effective patient care, and then they discover the ugly in nursing: nurses can be horrific to each other.   I am thrilled to announce my first book titled, “Do No Harm” Applies to Nurses Too! Strategies to protect and bully-proof yourself at work.   I wrote this book because of you and all of the other nurses who are out there dealing with this embarrassing and devastating problem.    Here is a sneak peek at the chapters you will find in this book: 1.   Nurses are eating their young – everywhere 2.   Meet the bully family 3.   Bullying attraction factors – who makes a good target? 4.   Laying the foundation to protect yourself 5.   The “why” behind nurse bully behavior 6.   Profiles of bully nurses you may know 7.   Steps to stop the bullying 8.   When enough is enough 9.   What to do if the bully is you 10. It is time for everyone to act 11. Bonus section for organizations If you are worried about becoming a bully’s target, dealing with a bully at work, or if you are a manager who is trying to eliminate bullying behavior on your unit/department, this book is for you. Remember,...

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Let’s face it. In stressful situations, we are not always on our best behavior. The unpredictability of healthcare, dealing with crisis after crisis with limited resources can convert Glenda the Good Witch into the Wicked Witch from the East – occasionally. What’s the difference between someone who is just having a bad day and a bully? Let’s say you get “testy” with your co-worker during a crisis, if you’re NOT a bully, you recognize your behavior as inappropriate, disrespectful and unprofessional; and you APOLOGIZE. A bully justified her actions, makes excuses or worse, believes she has the right to treat others poorly just because. I define bullying in this way:  It’s the repeated patterns of destructive behavior with the conscious or unconscious attempt to do harm. Now that’s a bully! If you find yourself working with someone who frequently flies off the handle, gets reactive in a crisis or lashes out at others when under stress pay attention to how she behaves after the event. Does she apologize? If not and she repeats the same pattern of bad behavior, she may be a bully. Think about yourself and how you react in stressful situations. Do you ever get “testy” with your co-workers? If you do, recognize and apologize.  There can be a fine line between a bully and someone who just had a bad day. Make sure you’re not...

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Simple Solution to Bullying: FTB

Nurses share horror stories all the time about the meanest, nastiest nurse who is somehow allowed to continue wreaking havoc on their unit without fear of discipline from the manager. Why? It’s because, 1) she is an excellent clinician, 2) she works as much overtime as available, or 3) she witnessed a murder. Seriously. Think about this nurse who continues to bully other nurses yet nothing is done about it. Several years ago I heard about a nurse who was notoriously known for eating students, new nurses and new physicians for breakfast! She was hypercritical, unapproachable, and just plain old mean. When a complaint was filed against her by a group of her peers, the solution brilliantly thought up by management was to send the entire unit, all 75 of them, to a 4-hour workshop on how to deal with negative co-workers. Seriously? Imagine the cost to the unit in terms of dollars AND morale. Basically what management was saying was that the staff was helpless to do anything about it. No wonder the nurses were leaving in droves. My solution? It’s simple. FTB – which stands for FIRE THE BULLY! I don’t care if the nurse is the second coming of Albert Einstein and can hold her bladder for 24 hours. If she is a bully and you’ve told her to stop, she needs to be fired! Bullying...

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Got a Bullying Problem? Help is on the way!

Imagine a world where bullying doesn’t exist. Where nurses go out of their way to support each other. Where everyone works as a team. No, you’re not dreaming. It is real – or at least can be. Today is a great day for me because I am announcing my “bully-proofing” seminar for nurses.  I designed this two day seminar to help nurses who are struggling with bad behavior in their work environment by teaching them the strategies to communicate more effectively and to protect and bully-proof themselves at work.    Day 1 focuses on the key strategies involved with bully-proofing, while Day 2 teaches the key principles of effective, assertive communication. Students and nurses that attend both days will leave with the tools they need to successfully navigate through environments that aren’t always positive; effectively deal with negative co-workers; and walk away feeling confident in their ability to manage difficult relationships and challenging environments. Creating nurturing and supportive environments for students, new and experienced nurses have been my life long passion and mission.  Bullying behavior DOES NOT BELONG in a profession that is supposed to be caring and compassionate – period. Join me; bring your colleagues and share with other nurses in your networks. Together, we can make a difference! For more information and to register, go to You will find an electronic brochure with seminar details. I...

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