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Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Your Float Nurses

Today I’d like to tell you why and how you should be rolling out the red carpet for your float nurses. Four years ago I went back to the bedside. It had been 8 years since I independently cared for patients, so I was a nervous wreck! The environment had changed so much that even though I had been a nurse for 20+ years, I was not confident in my ability to get back on the horse. My third day off of orientation (keep in mind I only worked twice a month), I noticed that my name wasn’t on...

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Mother Bear Is Here! The Art of Protecting New Nurses

The bond between a mother bear and her cub is very strong. Mother bears are the quintessential role models for loving and protecting offspring. When a mother bear detects a threat to her cubs, what does she do? She gets “bat sh** crazy” on them! A mother bear will sacrifice her life to save her cubs. When a cub cries, this indicates the cub is cold, wet, or needs food so the mother bear feeds, warms, or moves the cub to dry land. When the cub yells, this indicates the cub is separated from her, so the mother bear grunts...

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Bridging the Gap Between Millennial Nurses and Boomers

Millennials and boomers; they’re different, right? Right. However, different isn’t always a bad thing! Especially in nursing where we can use our differences to better treat our patients. Let me explain. Almost every time I get together with a group of nurses on a unit to talk about incivility, the topic of generational differences comes up. The boomers complain about the entitled attitudes of the newer, younger nurses and the millennials complain about the “crusty”, cranky older nurses. Typically, this is what I hear: From the boomers: The young nurses don’t respect them. They think they’re entitled, think they know...

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Bullying & Burnout: The Leadership Challenges of the 21st Century

Bullying and burnout is a huge problem among leadership in the 21st century and it’s time we started talking about it! Gretchen was excited when she accepted a leadership position at a prominent hospital in her hometown. She had worked at a local community hospital for the last 6 years and advanced as far as she could go. Now she had an opportunity to work at a large teaching hospital as the manager on a busy telemetry unit. Within 2 months, Gretchen was questioning whether or not she made the right decision. Although she was looking forward to spending...

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How To Partner With Human Resources To Prevent Workplace Bullying

It’s crucial for human resources and management staff to work together to protect their organization against workplace bullying! Here’s why. A nurse manager has been dealing with high turnover and poor retention because of one toxic person. This person, otherwise known as the queen bully, has been wrecking havoc on the unit for decades but her toxic behavior has never been addressed because she is so clinically competent. Finally, the manager has had enough and decides to terminate the queen bully but when she contacts human resources, she hits a brick wall. “Well, did you counsel this person?” “What...

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