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The Gifted Nurse: Continuous Learning

Continuous learning creates successful people and successful people are fascinating. What makes someone who started with nothing become a world famous celebrity, activist, philanthropist, etc. while someone else born into riches becomes a drug addict, criminal, or toxic, unhappy human? Is it luck, circumstance, or something else? Many of my readers know that I got off to a rough start, not as a child but as an adult. I was raised by loving parents, grandparents, and lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins but found myself pregnant at 19, quit college where I was enrolled in a pre-med program, and...

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The Gifted Nurse: Perseverance

For the month of December, I’m taking a bit of a diversion from my typical articles about creating professional, supportive, and nurturing work environments by eradicating workplace bullying and incivility. Instead, I thought it would be nice to focus on the gifts bestowed by successful nurses. In my 27 years as a nurse, I’ve admired, been humbled by, and worked along side some of the most amazing nurses in the world. These nurses not only inspired me to be a better nurse, but a better human being as well. Like Rita Gabriel; who taught me how to be a...

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Surprising Insights About Gossip in the Workplace and How to Stop It

We’ve all experienced gossip in the workplace in one way or another, so what can we do to stop it? Well, more than you might think. Say you’re at a meeting, sitting in the back of the room because you got there late.  One of the other managers, Maggie, is going on and on about what everyone needs to do to improve their quality metrics. After another few minutes, the person sitting next to you says, “I’ve never understood why they gave Maggie the chair of this committee. (pause) Did you hear that she and her husband don’t even...

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4 Creative Ways to Thank a Nurse This Thanksgiving!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving week is already here?! Although I’m surprised how quickly it’s arrived, I’m not surprised by all the things we have to be thankful for this year! Like many of you reading this, one of the things I’m the most grateful for are all the great nurses whom I’ve met over the years. Nurses who inspire others through their service and sacrifice. Nurses who demonstrate strength and courage during life and death situations. Nurses who while saving someone’s life with one hand uses the other to comfort someone in need. Nurses who come into work every...

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How Perceived Power Can Lead to Bullying Behavior

Can perceived power lead to bullying behavior? I travel a lot on airplanes and am loyal to one particular airline carrier. I’m loyal for a few reasons: They take care of me if my flight gets delayed or cancelled (even if it means putting me on a different airline), and I get perks: I get onboard early, 3 free checked bags up to 70 lbs, AND I get upgraded to first class frequently. One day, I was sitting in first class, drinking a cup of coffee that the flight attendant so nicely offered, while the other coach passengers were...

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How to Keep Toxic Co-Workers from Poisoning Your Career

I think we can all agree that toxic co-workers lead to a toxic work environment. But what do we do about it? While we can’t control other people’s actions, there are several techniques you can use to keep yourself from losing it while maintaining your work productivity. The majority of these things are based on mental strategy, making them unusually helpful because they rely on you and you alone. Although it can be difficult to be the bigger person 100% of the time, keeping your cool is always in the best interest of your career, and these strategies will...

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The Trifecta Approach to Eradicating Bullying & Incivility

Eradicating bullying and incivility can no longer be left up to chance. What do you do if you’re a healthcare executive and your recent employee engagement data indicates that you have a significant bullying and incivility problem? Do you sigh and say, “Well. That’s just the way it’s always been?” Do you conveniently overlook the comments about how bullying is impacting the overall health and well being of your employees? Do you call a mandatory meeting with your leaders and tell them to “fix this problem” or else? Or, do you take responsibility and do something? Did you know...

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Want to Change Bullying Behavior? Learn Your ABC’s

Maintaining a positive presence can make a huge impact on your nursing career. Yoder-Wise’s article, “The Essence of Presence and How It Enhances a Leader’s Value” describes  three vital components to a positive presence, which can transform negative, bullying behavior into positive, uplifting nursing teams. The ABC’s – Appearance, Behavior, Communication A- Appearance Personal appearance is an often disregarded part of communication and presentation skills. When we are working with the public, we may be representing our organization or just ourselves.  It’s important to remember, it is still YOU on the front line. It is you that the other...

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Got Bullies? Get Rid of Them the Southwest Airlines Way!

You’re probably wondering what bullies have to do with Southwest Airline right about now. Let me elaborate.  I travel 45 out of 52 weeks in a year, which means I spend A LOT of time in airports.  Very often when a flight is almost ready to leave, I’ll hear the gate agent announce the names of the passengers that haven’t boarded yet.  “Gannon, party of 3. Please proceed to gate A2 for immediate departure, etc.” When I hear this, I say a simple prayer that they make it! I’ve missed flights by just a few minutes and know what...

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3 Ways To Stand Up to Workplace Bullying: A Witness Doesn’t Have to be a Bystander

Workplace bullying isn’t something that happens from time to time in terrible organizations filled with awful staff; it’s something that happens in all kinds of organizations with all types of people. Yes, this means even the facility with the highest patient safety ratings filled with friendly and dedicated workers are at risk of participating in the bullying epidemic. Think bullying never happens in a Magnet Organization? Think again. As I travel across the globe talking with nurses who experience and witness bullying and incivility, I’ve noticed something strange. Everyone knows bad behavior when they see it, but it’s rare to...

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