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I produce a nursing newsletter every month, which includes a personal welcome message from me. In August, I my welcome message received more positive feedback than any other welcome. So, I wanted to share it with my tribe of blog followers. I hope you enjoy!
Previously written and shared on August 6, 2014 via the RTConnections Nursing Newsletter.
I just finished two big “Do No Harm” seminars in San Diego and now get to spend time with family. My sisters and parents live here so I love when I get a chance to speak here.
Yesterday I was talking with my Dad who always asks me lots of questions about my business (he still can’t figure out what I do). Then he said, “I don’t know how you do it. Airplane after airplane, staying in hotel rooms, speaking all day long…you know, you’re not getting any younger Renee (yeah. Thanks Dad).”
And then he asked, “What motivates you to do what you do? Is it really worth it?”

I said, “Absolutely” and told him about a nurse I met at my seminar this week. She cried as she told me she was meant to be there that day. She had been in a bullying situation and for the first time felt empowered to do something about it. She then said, “You have made a huge difference in my life.”
I told my Dad, “This nurse and other nurses like her are what motivates me. It’s knowing that what I do makes a difference in the lives of other human beings.”
And then my Dad said something every daughter wants to hear from her father, “I’m proud of you Renee.”  
Nursing isn’t easy. There’s no way you can do what you do day after day (no matter how young or old you are) if you don’t know WHY you do it. When faced with waning resources, added responsibilities, dealing with life and death situations, or even cancelled flights – knowing your WHY enables you to get up every day and face those challenges head on.
I want you to feel good about the work you do and to know that you are making a difference. Be proud of YOURSELF and proud of each other. After all, we are all here to do whatever we can to make life a little easier for each other. 

What’s YOUR why? I’d love to hear from you.
Take care and stay connected